Shreyas Mandre

Associate Professor
Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick


To us academics, a mode of learning something new is a treasure. Some content on this page is technical. Some is social. I hope, all of it is useful.

Problems From Another Time

Prof. Steven Strogatz, Cornell University, tweeted recently about Convegerence, the publication by the Mathematical Association of America. Great resource for mathematics aficionados. Their collection of Problems from another time, which is also conveniently indexed by subject and geography, is highly addictive. So handle with care.

Modest advice by Stephen C. Stearns

Are you thinking of pursuing a PhD? You think you know what you are getting into? Have you already been inducted into a PhD program?

Stop what you are doing and first read this advice timely and timeless advice. The perspective Prof. Stearns offers will help you throughout your life.

Nonlinear dynamic 1 & 2 by Prof. Predrag Cvitanovic

Offered by Prof. Predrag Cvitanovic, Georgia Institute of Technology. Part 1 starts Jan 11, 2022. More information about how to sign up, or loosely participate, can be found here. A course on chaos through which " … you might inadvertently learn something that your professor does not know.” The rationale behind designing such a course and delivering it to the greater online community is well thought out. Highly recommended if you have or had a professor!