Shreyas Mandre

Associate Professor
Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick


The handwritten, typed and recorded version of courses I teach. Certainly useful for students who want to learn these subjects are are currently taking a course with me, or equivalent. Also useful for those who have taken a course I taught and might want to refer to the notes for a quick refresh (if you are one of those, do drop me a line or connect on social media).

  1. Mechanics of fluid interfaces
    This material treats the mechanics that arises from the presence of surface tension of liquid interfaces. Liquid interface dynamics, especially due to the action of surface tension, has always been and remains one of the most interesting topics in mechanics. Even the discovery of surface tension or the first measurement of surface tension was not trivial. Today, as certain aspects of our world are miniaturized due to the emergence of “nanotechnology”, effects of surface tension are more imminently noticeable.

  2. Fluid Dynamics
    A university course in fluid dynamics for undergraduates in Maths and Physics. (Some version of this is taught at Warwick as MA3D1 and at Brown as ENGN0810.) The HTML and PDF lecture notes may be found at this link. Here is the learning material, including recordings of videos made in the unusual year of 2020: