Shreyas Mandre

Associate Professor
Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Mechanics of fluid interfaces

This material treats the mechanics that arises from the presence of surface tension of liquid interfaces. Liquid interface dynamics, especially due to the action of surface tension, has always been and remains one of the most interesting topics in mechanics. Even the discovery of surface tension or the first measurement of surface tension was not trivial. Today, as certain aspects of our world are miniaturized due to the emergence of “nanotechnology”, effects of surface tension are more imminently noticeable. Be it the lotus-leaf effect, where drops of water roll off of the leaves without sticking, or the Cheerios effect, where breakfast cereal clumps together in a bowl of milk, the interplay of surface tension with other forces of physics remains a dynamic arena for research and development.

1. Introduction to surface tension   (handwritten notes)
      1.1   Molecular origin of surface tension   (online notes)  
      1.2   Surface energy and surface tension   (online notes)  
      1.3   Surfactants   (online notes)  
2. Static equilibrium of liquid interfaces   (handwritten notes)
      2.1   Planar liquid interfaces   (online notes)  
      2.2   Curved liquid interfaces   (online notes)  
3. Three-phase contact lines   (handwritten notes)
      3.1   Liquid-Liquid-Fluid contact lines   (online notes)  
      3.2   Solid-Liquid-Fluid contact lines   (online notes)  
To be continued ...